LEADERSHIP Camden County

Over 27 Years, 650 Graduates from LEADERSHIP Camden County

During the 9-month program, participants have an opportunity to learn about a number of aspects of the community, including history and natural resources; state government; social services; health care and education; economic development and tourism; law enforcement, the legal system; and infrastructure.  Several sessions focus on leadership skills, group dynamics, team building, and creating a vision for the future.

The goals of the program are to enhance the leadership skills of participants to improve Camden County’s future; familiarize participants with the community’s opportunities, needs, problems, and resources; identify and analyze current economic, political and social forces affecting the community’s future; establish effective peer relationships among participants; provide a common ground for communications between participants and community leaders; and to educate participants on how to move people and ideas to action.

 LEADERSHIP Camden County  addresses the following topics during the nine-month program:

  • September – Orientation & Team Building – This is an opportunity for the class to meet their other classmates, share information about themselves and for developing the team.
  • October – Leadership Dynamics and Community Assessment – The class experiences a leadership panel and develop a vision for Camden County.  The group will participate in the True Colors session.
  • October – Camden County Tour – The class will spend the day touring the county by bus, making various stops around the county meeting city officials, business owners, school officials, while also learning rich Camden County history along the way.
  • November –  Infrastructure – The class learns and discusses infrastructure systems in place and the needs in the future as it impacts the community.
  • December – Law & Order – Class members learn the jurisdictions and structure of the legal system in Camden County.
  • January – State Government – A day trip to Jefferson City includes visits with our state elected officials and the opportunity to tour the legislative and executive branches of state government.
  • February – Health & Education – Health and education resources are reviewed from available medical services to the elementary/secondary educational system.
  • March – Economy & Tourism – This session addresses the evolution of the Lake economy and the current business climate.
  • April – Natural Resources – This session highlights the natural resources in the area and how those resources shape life as it exists today.
  • May – Active Leadership and Graduation Banquet – The last session will be active leadership engagement with a designated nonprofit in the region.



 For more information contact the Camdenton Area Chamber of Commerce at 573-346-2227 or kcloke@camdentonchamber.

This program is sponsored by the Camdenton Area Chamber of Commerce